You’ve all heard how important it is to optimise your website, both to improve the user experience and to rank highly on search engines. Here are my top five plug-ins that you can easily add to your WordPress site to increase its optimisation:

Smush It

Have you ever been on a site where the images take ages to load? Tempted to click away? It’s so important that your images are optimized for the web and are therefore quick to display. Smush It is a great little plugin, which compresses images without reducing their quality. There is a free version where you manually click to ‘Smush’ your images, or a paid version where it does it automatically every time you upload an image to your site.

GADWP (Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress)

A simple version of Google Analytics that helps you monitor your website’s speed and visitors. This plugin sits on the dashboard of your WordPress admin page and can also tell you how users found your website, and which pages they visited most often. Regularly checking your website’s speed is essential for increasing optimization because if the loading time is too long, people so often ‘bounce’ away from your site.


Yoast SEO

Yoast is all about setting up Meta keywords and descriptions, which crucially directs people toward your site when they search on Google. For example, you would include your keywords and the terms people are likely to search for if they want to find you – for example ‘web designer Southampton’ ‘Hampshire web designer’, or ‘florist in Winchester’ ‘Winchester’ florist. The plugin is 100% free and offers a quick setup wizard, as well as some great training videos to get you started. Keep an eye out for my video post on Yoast, coming soon!

WP Super Cache

If your site takes more than 4 seconds to load people can become impatient and leave.

If you are an online shop, just 2 seconds is long enough to lose customers. It has been found that a 2-second delay in load time during a transaction resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87% !!

The WP Super Cache plugin will cache your website pages meaning that they load instantly, because the plugin has saved your site. This free plugin offers ‘recommend settings’ that are highly effective and I suggest that anyone using it would do well to follow these!

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