What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Service Sockets Layer) certificate on a website is a marker of safety, letting customers know that extra care has been taken to protect their data security.
Certified sites can easily be identified by the small green padlock icon which appears in the browser bar. This symbol reassures a user that a site is more likely to be trustworthy for entering their personal information – so important when entering payment information such as card details or bank account numbers.
The SSL certificate means that as information is processed and sent to its intended recipient, it will be encrypted, or ‘scrambled’, so that it is unidentifiable to anyone other than who it is meant for.

Does my website need one?

If you ask customers to enter their payment details online, then definitely YES! If you don’t sell online but want to show that you are serious about security, then still, YES!
The recent changes in data protection law (GDPR) have additionally highlighted the importance of online security, so this is a topic which will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds when shopping or subscribing to anything online.
However, SSL certificates are not just for e-commerce websites who require customers to enter payment details. The SSL certificate also verifies the website host, proving that they are the honest owner of the website. This is a marker of trust and increases your Google search rankings. Even as a small or a new business, you should be showing that you are serious about your customers’ safety!
If you don’t have an SSL certificate, Google will list your site much further down the search results. All your hard work on SEO and great content generation could risk being undermined by this simple technical detail!

How can I get an SSL Certificate for my website?

In response to this increase in demand for SSL certificates on websites, Spectrum Web Solutions has developed a service package where we can certify your website in a way that is reliable and easy to use.
We set everything up for you and it takes no more than thirty minutes. It will only cost you $69 for the first year, and then $79 per year after that.
If you have any questions at all about SSL certificates or improving your website’s security, please do get in touch at spectrum@spectrumwebsolutions.ca.
We’d love to help, as we understand how overwhelming, but ultimately essential, online security is for both you and your clients and customers.

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