Website Management & Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance oftens falls to the back-burner. After launching your new website, the hype always slows down and businesses sometimes forget to check-in once in while to make sure the your website database version and all their plugins are up-to-date.

Website uptime and maintenance is critical for your business:
If your site was down for 2 days during the middle of the week – how much money would it cost you? A good website requires lots of maintenance work and constant updates.


WordPress Maintenance Services Typically Include:

  • WordPress plugin updates
  • New version updates
  • WordPress theme edits
  • Website security checks
  • Weekly or Monthly back-ups
  • Website training and on-going support
  • Content insertion or editing
  • Uploading new images
  • Adding new blog posts / WordPress pages
  • Minor Search Engine Optimization tweaks
  • Fixing broken code
  • and more!
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